Our Nation, Our Identity

The Kiwi

Episode 1:

Tāne Mahuta and the Kiwi

Episode 2:

The Kiwi and Pikiake

Episode 3:


Episode 4:

The Korowai Maker

Episode 5:

The Environment

Episode 6:

Waitangi and inspiring stories

Our story

Nestled behind the Whangarei Airport is the Community Food Forest ‘Wai a Ariki Food Forest Onerahirahi’. Huddled around the Pergola in the middle of the food forest, a group of people conversing in NZ Sign Language are discussing a Kiwi Release.

The group discovered there were no NZ Sign Language resources in libraries and online about the Kiwi and numerous places, historical content, places of importance to our nation’s identity.

Hence came the idea of making a series of documentaries in NZ Sign Language called ‘Our Nation, Our Identity’.

The first of the series of documentaries planned starts with NZ iconic bird – The Kiwi.

The Project

This project is funded by:

NZSL Board
Deaf Action NZ
OffCentre Limited
Natures Therapeutics
Ms Tracy de Waal
USAFE | QHSE Consultants.

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters


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USAFE | QHSE Consultants

Ms Tracy de Waal